Community Activities

FEMMES believes that schools, parents, and members of the community can all work together to promote the education and holistic learning of all students. We hope to bridge the gap between students and the community, in order for everyone to feel responsible and accountable for the education of our future generations. FEMMES believes that learning is a collaborative process, and we love bringing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs to the community to provide our girls with a context and an environment that can complement and reinforce their education at school.


Past Community Events

April 20th 2013 – “Science for Tomorrow”, University of Michigan Museum of Natural History (Ann Arbor, MI)

FEMMES led the activity “Elephant Toothpaste” for a variety of boys and girls from all over the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti areas, where students experimented with a variety of catalysts found in the kitchen pantry to speed up a very slow reaction. Their experiments led to some amazing observations, allowing them to select the best catalyst for breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.



February 22nd 2014 – “Science Fun with Femmes” – Ann Arbor District Library (Ann Arbor, MI)

FEMMES went to the Ann Arbor District Library to conduct science activities for Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti children grades K-5 for an hour full of exciting and educational programming.




May 5th 2014 – FEMMES at the NWAC Intel Computer Clubhouse (Detroit, Michigan)

FEMMES will be leading a variety of science activities for girls of all ages at the Computer Clubhouse in Detroit for their Girls-Only day.


If you are a community group and you would like FEMMES to lead an activity at your organization, please contact