After School Events

FEMMES after school Science Nights aim to provide increased access to hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities throughout the year. FEMMES visits schools throughout Southern Michigan to present fun, educational programs to 4th-6th grade girls at their home school.


If you’re interested in having FEMMES run a Science Night at your school, please contact our after school activities coordinator Kate Weskamp for more information. Her email is kweskamp (at) umich (dot) edu.


FEMMES runs a variety of different activities at our after school events, but here’s what a typical after school event might look like:


Welcome and introductions:



States of Matter Demonstrations:



States of Matter: Is Ooblek slime a solid or a liquid?!




Recording observations and developing hypotheses:



Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream:



Learning about Electricity: Squishy Circuits