FEMMES after-school programs and Saturday Science Capstones inspire girls to develop curiosity and enthusiasm for science, technology, math and engineering (STEM). After school events are held in schools throughout Southern Michigan. Saturday Science Capstones are held in laboratories and classrooms on the University of Michigan’s campus. Additional community-based events are hosted throughout the year.


Totally Free Science Fun
Thanks to FEMMES’ generous sponsors, all FEMMES events are free for participants! Saturday Science Capstone events provide free lunch for participants and volunteers.


Saturday Science Capstones
Each fall and spring, FEMMES holds Saturday Science Capstone Events at the University of Michigan. Enthusiastic groups of university professors, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students lead the full day of hands-on workshops for 4th through 6th grade from the Southern Michigan area. The events feature motivating talks by keynote speakers, engaging hands-on activities, confidence building opportunities, and healthy lunches. You can learn more about our Saturday Science Capstones here.
After School Activities
FEMMES volunteers from STEM departments at the University of Michigan travel to local elementary schools and conduct fun and informal science experiences for 4th-6th grade girls. The goal of these after school science nights is to build curiosity and enthusiasm for science, technology, math and engineering through hands-on activities and to demonstrate that female role models do actually excel in the STEM fields. You can learn more about our after school activities here.
Community Activities
FEMMES loves working with other groups in the community to bring our science to you. You can learn more about our previous community outreach activities here.