“When we heard how these students are reaching out to encourage and inspire other women, including holding free Saturday and after-school programs for girls in 4th through 6th grade, we knew we wanted to share their story with you…”

“About 200 girls in fourth to eighth grades gathered at the University of Michigan this weekend for a day of STEM activities led by a passionate group of female college students in Ann Arbor.
The event exposed the girls to experiential learning activities and fun experiments in STEM—or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—fields as a way of fostering and encouraging interest among young female students in areas that are commonly overrepresented by men.”

“Most fourth, fifth or sixth graders don’t get the chance to learn from a college professor about how the brain sends signals to muscles or how a prosthetic limb works. That’s unless they attended the capstone event held Saturday by Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering.”

“Engaging, hands-on activities in the FEMMES programs allow girls to learn in a fun, supportive environment and explore their potential in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. “We hope to build our participants’ curiosity about a variety of areas related to science, math, and engineering and encourage them to increase their participation in those fields,” say the organizers.”